A Little Backwards Maybe?

Doesn’t it usually seem to go blog firstvlog later? Well in any case, the end result is really what’s important right?

*Wavesssss* Hey ya’ll!
CurleeDrugz here from Youtube, but on here you can just call me Lee. Just like I always wanted to make videos..I always wanted to start up a blog.(and keep it going)

Procrastination and ADD always get the best of me.

But there is hope, I hope. Hahah. I’ve been pretty consistent with my videos over the past few weeks so I think now that I have a little more exposure it will keep me on point with the blogging..makes a difference when you know someone is reading, watching, and most importantly gaining something from it. Whether it be information, entertainment, inspiration, or whatever.

Really, the best way to keep me going with doing this  comes from YOU, yeah YOU! My readers…this blog is essentially for anyone who stumbles upon and decides to read it. Yeah there will be times where I probably write something out of left field…random thoughts and ideas, but mainly it’s for the readers who want to know more about natural hair. Want to know how to maintain a healthy head of hair.  Who embrace product junkism for hair and cosmetics and want to sit back and chum it up with someone who feels the same.

Still interested? This is where all of you come in.
Give me feedback, whether it be through email, comments on here or my YouTube page, whatever means…let me know what you want to know more about.

Don’t be shy…



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  1. I believe a blog is good if you have followers. Since u have a YouTube fan base this seems to be an awesome move. Kudos.

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